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Blinco Systems Inc.’s 3rdwave solutions simply, simplify global trade.


We simplify global trade

Blinco Systems Inc.’s 3rdwave solutions, simply, simplify global trade. We are dedicated to enabling companies to simplify global supply chains by reducing complexity of operations, delivering exceptional visibility, supporting collaboration among internal associates, trading partners, and service providers.

3rdwave simplifies import, export, logistics, and trade compliance management through its innovative, intuitive, and highly interactive user interface.

Whether you are a manager seeking immediate understanding or an operator needing to execute a function, 3rdwave makes it easy to respond to your direct need.

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Blinco Systems Inc has a strong legacy in global trade. Our solution evolved from being an internally developed enterprise solution for one of Canada’s largest independent food importer/exporters to becoming an early provider of solutions for importers and exporters in the U.S. and Canada. Since 1988, Blinco has been a leading “design-build” developer and solutions provider in Global Commerce Management and synchronized global supply chain execution and has provided extensive consulting services to companies involved in global trade and commerce. As a custom solution provider, Blinco’s clients range from Fortune 50 companies to SMEs in global sourcing, distribution, and brand management.


In 2012, Blinco’s 3rdwave Global Trade Management platform was relaunched as a SaaS solution, supporting all importing, exporting, and trade compliance functions. In 2015, we released our logistics module.

3rdwave is highly configurable and has the flexibility to meet the needs of each customer’s unique business processes. 3rdwave enables our clients to “simply” execute, manage, and control their global trade, constantly improving their available-to-ship/available-to-deliver capabilities at the lowest possible cost, reduced risk, and with optimal inventory results.

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