Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) Management - Reimagined

3rdwave FTZ Management simplifies and automates the entire FTZ process from application of product into the FTZ through final disposition. 3rdwave FTZ combines robust IRCS capability with comprehensive trade compliance for total control.

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Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) Management - Reimagined


Automate FTZ Board, Customs, and CBP Reporting

Automate FTZ Board, Customs, and CBP Reporting

3rdwave automates the preparation and/or electronic filing of all entries (214, 7501, 7512, etc) and reports required for FTZ trade compliance, increasing control, and saving time and money.

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Gain incredible visibility

Gain incredible visibility

3rdwave's FTZ Management provides unparalleled inventory management and product visibility at all stages of the FTZ lifecycle. 3rdwave supports product transformation and manufacturing control and delivers complete traceability and cost management.

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Create required reports to support total FTZ management

Create required reports to support total FTZ management

Easily create any government report including weekly 3461/7501/7512, annual reconciliation, FTZ Board, quarterly MPF, and others.

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More Features

Complete FTZ Management

Easily manage all transactions into the FTZ from Import to Delivery

Total Inventory Visibility

Clear visibility and traceability into your inventory and transformations.

Automated Customs Management

Fully automate the management of customs operations at the push of a button.

Complete Document Generation

Generate all required documents, including 214, 216, 3461, 7501, etc.

Process Support

Flexible and configurable workflow easily maps to existing processes.

Total Cost Management

Clearly and explicitly track all the associated costs of every product.

Electronic Filing Capability

Electronically file all customs and PGA filings through partner ABIs.

Comprehensive government reporting

Generate all government required government reports at the push of a button.

Full product traceability and audit control

Know the full product provenance of every single lot .

Highly intuitive interface

Users are productive in hours and comfortable in days.

Simple Implementations

Typical implementations take weeks, not months.

Total Customer Focus

3rdwave maps to your process, not the other way around