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Solutions for a Fast Paced Industry

3rdwave Fashion provides totally integrated enterprise sourcing, purchase order, logistics, inventory, sales management, customer service, accounting and finance capability to support a fashion organization on a global scale. A dynamic three-dimensional product master is designed to handle the most complex items in the fashion industry from apparel to footwear. Comprehensive tables and records support tariff, compliance, visa and quota management, letters or credit, logistics and true landed costing at +99% accuracy levels.

Absolute visibility of information across all functional areas of a global supply chain insures the highest and most streamlined business process capability across all functional areas. 3rdwave’s visibility capabilities at the product, vendor, service provider and shipment level provides the highest level of security and compliance control available. The absolute visibility is supported by exceptionally detailed global supply chain data and Customs and compliance records insures that documentation filings can meet the highest levels of accuracy.

Event management insures that sourcing, purchase orders and logistics events and milestones are managed proactively. The event management supplemented with workflow and exception alert capabilities insure that the global supply chain is monitored from vendors and logistics’ suppliers through customs to final destination(s). Supply chain security is insured because 3rdwave captures information indicating a breach in the supply chain reports when it happens.

Inventory, Sales Order Management, Customer Relations are all integrated with front end functionality to provide accurate positioning of orders and inventory across the entire supply pipeline in real time. Critical support functionality such as Estimate and Actual Landed Cost capability, Letter of Credit and change management are all automated and support dynamic business processes.


Since 3rdwave Fashion is a fully-integrated and synchronized solution, it will allow fashion manufacturers and distributors to achieve the following benefits:

  • Reduced product cycle times
  • Highest available-to-promise fulfillment
  • Reduced inventory across the entire supply chain
  • Flexible Purchase Order and Logistics management
  • Complete Budget, Estimate and Actual Landed Cost control
  • Increased financial control

The 3rdwave Fashion component-based architecture provides companies with an integrated family of modules that can be rolled out incrementally or as a comprehensive enterprise global sourcing and distribution solution.


The 3rdwave Fashion component-based architecture provides companies with an integrated family of modules that can be rolled out incrementally or as a comprehensive enterprise global sourcing and distribution solution.

3rdwave has the following fully-integrated and synchronized modules:

  • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) – Purchase Order Planning, Purchase Order Execution, Supplier History, Supplier Metrics, Supplier Profiling, Integrated Global Controls
  • Global Logistics – Global and Domestic, Carrier Management, Customs Management, Regulatory Compliance Management, Quota and Visa Control, Complex Route Planning, Optimization and Execution, Terminal Control, Rate Management, Freight Auditing, Logistics Accounts Payable execution
  • Inventory and Warehouse Control – Visibility of inventory across the entire global supply chain, ID Tracking and Management, Work-in-Process control, Cross-docking, Warehouse Transfers, Load Building, Routing, Rating, Freight Auditing
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Sales Contracts/Orders management, Allocation control, Customer History, Customer Metrics, Customer Profiling, List Price and Discount management, Return Merchandise Authorization
  • Accounting and Finance – Multi-currency AP (including automated Landed Cost and Payment execution), Multi-company/Division/Department Reporting, Foreign Currency Control, Letter of Credit

Industry Overview

The number and timing of new product introductions dictate the success of companies in the fashion industry. The ability to manage the entire global value chain to minimize expenses is critical.

With customers and consumers constantly demanding greater service at competitive prices, the need to collaborate along the entire supply chain and execute to optimize on-time order fulfillment and costs becomes an imperative. 3rdwave Fashion is able to effectively manage the global supply chain and allows sales personnel to see a shipment at any point in its transit.

The Federal government’s implementation of regulations to ensure that the global supply chains bringing goods to the United States are secure has meant that visibility and accuracy of information are imperative. 3rdwave is a highly robust and granular solution and thus has the depth required in its global data repository to create documents and reports that address current and any future regulation and security’s requirements.

In an industry where time to market is critical, delays in supply chain execution due to inadequate security and compliance capabilities can be devastating. 3rdwave ensures that a fashion importer has the ability to move product through ports of entry quickly.