Why 3rdwave

We Simplify Global Trade

The global supply chain is complex. Your global trade management solution shouldn’t be. It is our mission to deliver on this promise.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Delivering elegantly simple GTM (Global Trade Management) and Trade Compliance solutions requires a deep understanding of the complexities of the global supply chain. That understanding and 3rdwave’s design and development philosophy is deeply rooted in what we do. We call it: The Tao of 3rdwave.

1. Simplicity

The supply chain is complex. Using the software shouldn't be. Simplify where appropriate; don't over-simplify natural and native complexity

2. Control

Data and process control can never be compromised. There should never be any question about what the ‘truth’ is. Everything flows from control.

3. Flexibility

Each company operates differently. Software should easily be able to accommodate to the companies’ processes, and be able to change to facilitate process improvement.

4. Visibility

Data must always be presented with the appropriate context for the user to make informed decisions.

5. Analysis

The information contained within 3rdwave is extremely useful. All information with 3rdwave is readily accessible which is important for both long term analysis as well as short term decision making.

6. Proactivity

3rdwave knows a lot about your supply chain. By understanding what is happening, we can be proactive to give people the information they need, when they need it.

7. Collaboration

Each step in the global supply chain requires information to be taken or given from an outside party. Our job is to enable information and data flow.

Our Values

Successful relationships are predicated on mutual understanding, civility, and respect.


Making the global supply chain simple drives 3rdwave’s development and implementation. If 3rdwave is not easy to use and doesn’t simplify your work, we aren’t doing our job.


Understanding our client’s challenges, opportunities and processes is essential to deliver a great result. At 3rdwave we listen to our clients, here their perspectives and configure solutions to meet their unique needs.


Delivering client focused solutions requires software that is designed from inception to be configurable to meet or exceed the client’s requirements and wants. It means constant focus on improving functionality and process beyond the “good enough”.


We want people to like working with us. We are approachable, professional, and friendly - in all aspects of our business.

Our Track Record

For more than 25 years 3rdwave has delivered unprecedented simplicity to our client’s complex global trading environment. 3rdwave has enabled management to optimize supply chain processes and workflow and operators to simply execute their day-to-day functions. 3rdwave is now totally redesigned to deliver elegance and simplicity or unsurpassed global trade management (GTM) and Trade Compliance control, visibility, information…and an unsurpassed great user experience.

Our Team

Software doesn’t build itself. Great software requires vision, deep understanding, knowledge, dedication, and commitment to the user experience. Our team has over 200 years of combined global supply chain knowledge and implementation experience. That experience and knowledge has been translated into our latest generation of 3rdwave solutions to simplify the global supply chain.

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