International Transportation Management

Unparalleled visibility,
from origin to destination.

Take control of your international shipment planning & execution with 3rdwave's total transportation life-cycle management. Plan, create & manage a complete shipment file, no data entry needed.

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Freight Contract Management
Negotiate better rates with your carriers and forwarders with 3rdwave’s enhanced freight contract visibility. Get accurate cost estimates and understand what your transportation bill should look like before you receive the invoice.

Enable organizational understanding of transportation costs, regardless of your mode of transportation. Get a consolidated cost view of the entire shipment, even when shipments comprise a multitude of moves from different vendors under separate contracts.
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Shipment Execution
Get a consolidated view of each shipment from origin to destination, and enable seamless coordination across your service providers. Understand cost implications, apply a budget, forecast your freight spend, and manage your freight audits.

Track every shipment so that you can get get real-time updates and monitor progress against the schedule. Truly manage by exception and get instant alerts to shipment delays and proactively get them back on track.
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Drayage Management
Get a control tower view of ongoing activities at the port: inbound, at the port, and outbound. Manage free days, detention, and demurrage, and priority product and shipments. Prioritize and expedite as required, and delay your deliveries to take advantage of free days.

Gain visibility to all inbound shipments, and enable your DCs and Warehouses to plan their receiving schedule. Bring your chassis fees under control by gaining visibility to the fees in real time.
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Automated Freight Audit
Automatically audit every line item against your contracted rate to ensure you only pay what is required. Gain improved understanding and insight of your vendor performance. Hold your freight providers accountable and get better pricing by being on top of your data.

Save 2-3% annually in mischarges by freight forwarders and carriers. Get rid of your third-party freight audit provider without adding additional work, and save 25-30% of your audit spend.
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Your transportation process is covered.

Port Monitors

Gain visibility into all your inbound and outbound shipments, organized as you need it.

Manage Demurrage and Detention

Gain insight into free time expiry and containers that are accruing demurrage and detention.

Inbound Visibility

Warehouse and DC oriented arrival views, down to SKU-level, to understand all the inbound arrivals today or this week.

Automated Event Management

Make sense of Ocean 315, Air 114 or any other message set from any of your carriers.

Integrated Shipment Planning

Plan your shipments from source to destination and track the execution against the plan.

Freight Contract Management

Centralize and structure all of your freight contracts, connect with the freight execution, and automatically audit the invoices.

Warehouse Arrival Management

Keep your warehouse informed by creating visibility to the inbound shipments and products.

Connect and Validate Data

Easily connect your freight carriers, third-party warehouses, and customs brokers to ensure complete and validated data.

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