Shipment Planning & Execution

Plan, Execute,
Measure, Improve.

Plan your shipments and execute with confidence knowing that all of your supply chain data is centralized, controlled, and validated.

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Our Benefits
With 3rdwave, you win where it matters most.
Reduce Costs

Know what your transportation bill will look like before you receive the invoice.

Track Every Shipment

Get real-time updates on shipments and monitor progress against the schedule.

Manage By Exception

Get instant alerts to shipment delays and proactively get them back on track.


Drayage, ocean or air shipping, drayage again, and so on. Get a consolidated view of each shipment from origin to destination, and enable seamless coordination across your service providers.


Understand cost implications, apply a budget, forecast your freight spend, and manage your freight audits. 3rdwave integrates your freight contracts with execution plans, giving you powerful cost control and visibility.


Get real-time alerts for shipment delays and late arrivals. Easily monitor on-time delivery and vendor performance. 3rdwave integrates with your carriers, so you know how every shipment is executed against the plan.

Make sense of Track & Trace data.

Make sense of ocean (EDI 315) and air (EDI 114) shipment status messages and be able to put these shipment updates into context within your organization.  Be capable of alerting key stakeholders as to the status of the inbound or outbound shipments, and move forward with confidence knowing that you will be alerted to any shipment that is delayed.

Gain insight into the ports.

3rdwave’s Port Monitor provides users a unique view into your ports so that you can see the arriving and departing shipments in one simple view.  Manage container free days, detention, and demurrage, and be able to prioritize urgent product and shipments.  You are now in total control!

Plan and execute your way.

Integrated Contract Management

Assign contracted (or spot) rates to shipment executions to gain financial control and visibility.

Port Monitors

Gain visibility into all your inbound and outbound shipments, organized as you need it.

Manage Demurrage and Detention

Gain insight into free time expiry and containers that are accruing demurrage and detention.

Automated Delivery Scheduling

Easily coordinate the scheduling of your inbound deliveries with your drayage providers.

Inbound Visibility

Warehouse and DC oriented arrival views, down to SKU-level, to understand all the inbound arrivals today or this week.

Drayage Contract Management

A clean and structured capability to manage your every aspect of your drayage contracts.

Chassis Per Diem Management

Understand and manage your chassis per diems to make sure you are being appropriately billed.

Enhanced Dashboards and Reporting

Understand your transactional data through state-of-the-art visualization tools like dashboard widgets and easy to configure reports.

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