Simply the Best Platform for International Shippers

3rdwave’s Shipment Execution Platform™ goes beyond container tracking, providing transportation and compliance groups with the software they need to achieve best-in-class outcomes.

      “Integrating 3rdwave into our daily operations has streamlined our entire workflow, giving us real-time visibility and control over our shipments and compliance processes.”
      Director of Transportation and Trade Compliance

      Empowering Shippers to Take Charge

      Shippers aren't mere spectators; they are proactive decision-makers. Our Platform gives you the power to plan early, observe what’s happening in every stage, and respond in real time to ensure favorable outcomes.
      Plan Shipments
      Mediate Changing Demands
      Execute Tasks Seamlessly
      Manage Both Worlds Seamlessly

      With 3rdwave, you have one set of verified data that provides execution and cost visibility insights at the Product/SKU level for all shipments moving across international borders.

      Transportation Teams
      Satisfy company stakeholders, suppliers, warehouses, 3PLs, and customers who demand to know where a shipment is and when it will arrive.
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      Trade Compliance Teams
      Ensure each shipment and product complies with country-specific regulations, facilitating smooth movement across international borders.
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      A Formula for Control
      See Where Things Are
      and Where They Should Be
      3rdwave captures and synthesizes as much data as possible to show a richer picture of all aspects of a shipment in one place to compare against your plan.
      All shipments, modes
      and carriers in one place
      See all key internal and external documents
      SKU-level visibility of what’s being moved
      Location, cost, dates (projected and current)
      Understand the Impacts and Implications
      It isn’t enough to know that something did or did not happen. With 3rdwave, you’ll know the impact on stakeholders and operations and who to inform.
      Who needs what & when (products, documents)
      How changes impact all stakeholders
      When things are & aren’t executed to plan
      Impact on ports, warehouses, etc.
      Act Quickly and Confidently for Better Outcomes
      3rdwave not only tracks your containers but also empowers transportation and trade compliance groups to get proactive well before a container is assigned.
      Control starts before the shipment
      Prioritize and schedule drayage at the port
      You need a solid plan to execute against
      Prepare what your customs broker needs (or self-file)
      You Want Control. We’ll Lead You There.
      When you see what’s happening, understand the implications across customers and stakeholders, and know what needs to be done to stay on plan…. That’s control!
      Control shipments before the container
      Maintain control across many perspectives
      Control starts with pre-planning and booking
      Take control when things go awry
      Control Brings

      What You Can Do Once You’re in Control

      Focus on what’s important while eliminating aggravation and headaches drive real value across your organization.

      Manage By Exception with Advanced Alerts

      Identify at-risk shipments that require immediate attention
      Take proactive steps to mitigate issues
      Keep shipments on track and stakeholders informed

      Manage Your Freight Forwarders

      Seamlessly integrates with all
      LSPs and partners
      Easily share standardized and consistent data
      Direct communication with all stakeholders ensures alignment.

      Coordinate Customs with Transportation

      Work operations and customs
      from one core data set.
      Take control of your ISF process.
      Manage all your compliance requirements

      Respond to Stakeholder Demands

      Quickly digest requests and knowledgeably respond
      Easily gain context into each shipment and corporate demands
      Improve organizational visibility into product availability

      Eliminate Unnecessary

      Eliminate demurrage and
      detention charges
      Reduce your customs brokerage costs by more than 20 percent
      Audit your freight invoices in real-time to uncover mis-invoicing

      Make Informed

      Understand shipment context
      Translate between shipment and product or SKU
      Expedite urgent shipments or products to meet customer needs
      Explore Products
      Because 3rdwave’s platform works with standardized data that serves all stakeholders inside and outside the organization, here are some of the things you can accomplish:
      Automated Customs Management
      Elevate your trade compliance game and dramatically reduce work effort by automating the translation of your operations data into that of customs.
      Master Data Management
      Gain control of all of your Product- and Account-related data to support trade compliance needs, such as HTS codes, Countries of Origin, MIDs, and more!
      Shipment Planning
      Coordinate with your vendors, carriers, and forwarders to establish meaningful execution plans against which you can monitor progress and get alerted to delays.
      Shipment Execution
      Monitor your shipments from origin to destination with integrated air and ocean visibility to gain real-time updates against your schedule.
      Inbound Management
      Gain process control and product-level visibility throughout each step with real-time alerts and integrated ocean container and terminal messages.
      Freight Contract Management
      Upgrade your team’s ability to understand the cost, performance, and invoicing for every leg and journey of every single shipment.
      Port Management
      Are your container pickups occurring on a first-in-first-out basis?  Be smarter with your port pickups and container returns by gaining visibility into which containers have free days remaining and which will enter a penalty phase.  
      ISF Management
      Reduce unexpected penalties while bringing control and visibility to your ISF submittal process by ensuring ISFs are submitted on time and with correct, validated data.

      Our Blueprint

      Despite the intense focus on the supply chain and “visibility,” we believe the software available to support international shippers fails them miserably.

      We learned the fundamentals
      of what you need to succeed.

      We know what doesn’t work
      – and why.

      We’ve used those insights to
      build a winning formula.

      Our Partners
        What Our Customers Are Saying
        Doug Shaffer
        "3rdwave has been instrumental in helping us minimize demurrage and detention fees, ensuring our shipments move smoothly and efficiently."
        Doug Shaffer
        Director of Transportation and Trade Compliance
        Alicia Abercrombie Koehler
        "We’ve witnessed a tangible improvement in our operational efficiency since adopting 3rdwave, with a noticeable increase in shipment processing speed."
        Alicia Abercrombie Koehler
        Director of Operations
        Genie Thiergartner
        “As a self-filer, 3rdwave has helped us automate 99% of the ISF filing and entry creation processes to reduce costly errors.”
        Genie Thiergartner
        International Trade Compliance Manager
        Wanda Raper
        "3rdwave has been a great partner for our company, supporting us as we navigate the complexities of global trade with ease and precision. The accuracy and efficiency of our customs processes have never been better."
        Wanda Raper
        Director Customs Compliance North America
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