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We work exclusively with international shippers to help lead them to calm amid the chaos in global supply chains.  

We Make the
Complex Simple

3rdwave has spent the past 30 years developing a comprehensive platform and solutions to give small to midsize international shippers and BCOs an unprecedented level of visibility and control over their supply chain. Our unique solutions and experienced team make the complex simpler, the chaotic more organized, and transform the opaque into transparent.

Our History
3rdwave began in 1988 as an internally developed enterprise solution for one of Canada’s largest independent food importer/exporters and soon grew to be an early provider of solutions for importers and exporters throughout the U.S. and Canada.
Our Clients

Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to SMEs in global sourcing, distribution, and brand management. Additionally, we provide extensive consulting services to companies involved in global trade and commerce.

    Our Platform
    3rdwave is the first International Transportation and Trade platform designed with the Product at its core.  From the beginning, it was clear that transforming from Operations to Trade Compliance required a pivot around the Product—as did understanding Product from a cost perspective. 3rdwave’s underlying premise: Product is the Rosetta Stone to unlocking immense value.
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    Our Partners

    3rdwave continuously builds deep relationships with prominent partners in the industry. 

      What Our Customers Are Saying
      Doug Shaffer
      "3rdwave has been instrumental in helping us minimize demurrage and detention fees, ensuring our shipments move smoothly and efficiently."
      Doug Shaffer
      Director of Transportation and Trade Compliance
      Alicia Abercrombie Koehler
      "We’ve witnessed a tangible improvement in our operational efficiency since adopting 3rdwave, with a noticeable increase in shipment processing speed."
      Alicia Abercrombie Koehler
      Director of Operations
      Genie Thiergartner
      “As a self-filer, 3rdwave has helped us automate 99% of the ISF filing and entry creation processes to reduce costly errors.”
      Genie Thiergartner
      International Trade Compliance Manager
      Wanda Raper
      "3rdwave has been a great partner for our company, supporting us as we navigate the complexities of global trade with ease and precision. The accuracy and efficiency of our customs processes have never been better."
      Wanda Raper
      Director Customs Compliance North America
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