We Are 3rdwave
The technology world is littered with software and implementations that fail to deliver the value that was promised. 3rdwave is different.
Your supply chain is unique. Manage it your way.
Your supply chain has uniquely evolved to support the unique requirements of your business operations.  3rdwave doesn’t require you to change the way you run your supply chain processes to fit within our technology design the way most software providers do.  The 3rdwave platform is incredibly flexible and able to be tailored to your organization’s unique requirements.
Easy supplier & supply chain partner interactions.
Capturing data from your suppliers and supply chain partners is often cost-prohibitive for most software providers.  But 3rdwave has rethought the interactions with your trading partners to make data capture and validation simple, easy, and low-touch.  Your IT team will get a break, and you will be a hero within your organization.
The data you need, presented the way you need it.
Your organization isn’t monolithic.  People need to see data presented differently depending on their situation or use.  3rdwave enables every individual to visualize and interact with data the way they need to, with an understanding that the data is validated and always correct.  You can be certain that the data is always truly one version of the truth.
Our History
3rdwave has a strong legacy in global trade. Our solution evolved from being an internally developed enterprise solution for one of Canada’s largest independent food importer/exporters, to becoming an early provider of solutions for importers and exporters in the U.S. and Canada.
Our Clients
Since 1988, 3rdwave has been a leading solutions provider in Global Trade Management and global supply chain execution. Our clients range from Fortune 50 companies to SMEs in global sourcing, distribution, and brand management. Additionally, we have provided extensive consulting services to companies involved in global trade and commerce.
Our Platform
In 2012, we relaunched 3rdwave as a SaaS solution, supporting all importing, exporting, trade compliance, and logistics functions. The 3rdwave platform enables our clients to execute, manage, and control their global trade, constantly improving their available-to-ship/available-to-deliver capabilities at the lowest possible cost, reduced risk, and with optimal inventory results.
Global trade management - import management.
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