Pharma & Biotech

A platform designed to help Pharmaceutical and Biotech importers navigate the complexities of importing, customs, and the FDA.

Pharma & Biotech


Pharma and Biotech importers are under greater scrutiny and deal with more complexity than the average importer.  3rdwave’s platform deals with these complexities so that transportation and trade compliance professionals can operate under control and with simplicity.

Air, Ocean, and Drayage Execution Control and Visibility

Air, Ocean, and Drayage Execution Control and Visibility

Plan your shipments across all modes, and execute with the control and visibility required to deliver exceptional results for your internal stakeholders and customers.

Integrated Transportation 
and Trade Compliance Control

Manage the intersecting transportation and trade compliance processes in concert, enabling each team to share and leverage relevant information, updates, and progress.

Sample and Research 
One-Time Shipments

Capture, control, and manage one-off 
shipments for R&D, samples, and equipment.

Centralized FDA and other 
PGA Data Repository

Manage complex FDA trade data, including product attributes, in a purpose-built data repository for Items/SKUs and Vendors/Accounts
Key Functionality

Pharma/Biotech-Specific Master Data Control

  • Customs data and duty rates
  • FDA profiles
  • FDA Registration Codes
  • FDA Pack Configuration

Air Shipment Handling

  • Capture booking information
  • Automated status updates

Automated Customs Management

  • Automatically create customs entries and FDA declarations
  • Capture commercial invoice data without data entry
  • Real-time updates for entry and FDA status
  • Submit entries up to five days before arrival

Integrated Trade Compliance Module

  • Control and manage your customs process
  • Control and manage your PGAs, including FDA, EPA, etc
  • Automatically file your entries and FDA declarations
  • Real-time updates for entry and FDA status

Total Landed Cost

  • Aggregate and allocate all of the costs related to your 
inbound products
    • Product
    • Freight
    • Accessorials
    • Duties
    • Fees & Taxes
  • Plan vs Actual
  • Dashboarding and reporting

Execution Control

  • Inbound visibility throughout lifecycle of shipment
  • PO Management
  • Consolidations
  • Product-level shipment visibility
  • Next-level date control and planning
  • Natively integrated with freight contracts and trade compliance

Inbound Visibility

  • Integrated ocean and rail status updates
  • Capable of integrating with forwarders for additional updates
  • Terminal updates
  • Customs updates (provided self-filing customs entries)
  • Supplier/Vendor updates
  • Warehouse perspective for inbound product/shipments
  • Product-level visibility throughout shipment lifecycle
  • Next-level alerting and exception management
Explore Products
Because 3rdwave’s platform works with standardized data that serves all stakeholders inside and outside the organization, here are some of the things you can accomplish:
Automated Customs Management
Elevate your trade compliance game and dramatically reduce work effort by automating the translation of your operations data into that of customs.
Master Data Management
Gain control of all of your Product- and Account-related data to support trade compliance needs, such as HTS codes, Countries of Origin, MIDs, and more!
Shipment Planning
Coordinate with your vendors, carriers, and forwarders to establish meaningful execution plans against which you can monitor progress and get alerted to delays.
Shipment Execution
Monitor your shipments from origin to destination with integrated air and ocean visibility to gain real-time updates against your schedule.
Inbound Management
Gain process control and product-level visibility throughout each step with real-time alerts and integrated ocean container and terminal messages.
Freight Contract Management
Upgrade your team’s ability to understand the cost, performance, and invoicing for every leg and journey of every single shipment.
Port Management
Are your container pickups occurring on a first-in-first-out basis?  Be smarter with your port pickups and container returns by gaining visibility into which containers have free days remaining and which will enter a penalty phase.  
ISF Management
Reduce unexpected penalties while bringing control and visibility to your ISF submittal process by ensuring ISFs are submitted on time and with correct, validated data.
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