A Platform Built  for International Shipment Planning & Execution

3rdwave’s cloud platform is what shippers have been missing: a scaffold for planning shipments, gaining visibility at the Product/ SKU level, and proactive alerts across your organization.

Where Planning Meets Execution

Every step is systematized with clearly defined relationships across multiple dimensions.  This creates a plan/expectation at every point in the inbound process to measure against, enabling the outcome everyone wants: managing by exception.

Plan Routes and Milestones
Plan Schedules and Timing
Plan and Measure Costing

Comprehensive Process Control

Your import process is extensive and requires an equally broad platform. 3rdwave manages the entire lifecycle of your shipments, from Pre-shipment to Destination.  It also manages the customs
compliance for ISFs, Entries, and PGAs.


Real-Time Enhanced Visibility

3rdwave is natively integrated with carriers (ocean, air, and rail) and terminals to get the latest shipment updates. It easily connects to other carriers (like drayage services) and forwarders to get the most information into the platform and enable the best decisions.

Pervasive Product-Level Visibility

3rdwave creates product-level visibility throughout your organization across many dimensions. The Product is a central organizing object, enabling the distribution of shipment costs, date management, duty calculations, and CO2 tracking.

Integrated Freight

Planning and executing is incomplete without understanding the cost implications of the decisions you need to make. Freight contracts seamlessly integrated into both the planning and execution modules enable you to plan for cost implications and then measure during execution.
Evolve Your
Transportation Folder
Most organizations still use hardcopy folders with checklists to aggregate trade documentation and dates, passing them among internal functions as part of the import process to instill systematic validation and control.  By design, the 3rdwave platform transports you into the digital age, eliminating the folder while making information available to all stakeholders.
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Centralized Forwarder Management
The 3rdwave platform is a one-stop shop for centralizing all information and process control across all your forwarders and service providers. Coordinate dray deliveries, automatically track shipments’ location and status, and understand freight costs and invoices—all on one platform.  
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Intelligent Alerting

Carrier and terminal status updates are integrated with 3rdwave’s comprehensive planning capability, creating an alerting environment that filters out the noise to develop real visibility, proactivity, and responsiveness.

Get alerted to the following:

  • When critical shipments will miss their in-warehouse dates.

  • When you incur incremental costs like demurrage and detention.

  • When you need to file ISFs and Customs entries.

  • When bookings haven’t been made.

  • When documents haven’t been received.

  • And MUCH more!

Receive & Validate
Shipment Data
Designed to accept comprehensive international transportation documents and data in whatever format your forwarders and vendors provide: XML, API, XLS, CSV, etc.  Data is validated against expectations whenever it is ingested, highlighting discrepancies immediately.
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Mode: International

3rdwave is explicitly designed to manage international transportation.  Whether shipping by ocean, air, rail, or drayage, this platform has you covered.

Simply the Best Platform for International Shippers
What Our Customers Are Saying
Doug Shaffer
"3rdwave has been instrumental in helping us minimize demurrage and detention fees, ensuring our shipments move smoothly and efficiently."
Doug Shaffer
Director of Transportation and Trade Compliance
Alicia Abercrombie Koehler
"We’ve witnessed a tangible improvement in our operational efficiency since adopting 3rdwave, with a noticeable increase in shipment processing speed."
Alicia Abercrombie Koehler
Director of Operations
Genie Thiergartner
“As a self-filer, 3rdwave has helped us automate 99% of the ISF filing and entry creation processes to reduce costly errors.”
Genie Thiergartner
International Trade Compliance Manager
Wanda Raper
"3rdwave has been a great partner for our company, supporting us as we navigate the complexities of global trade with ease and precision. The accuracy and efficiency of our customs processes have never been better."
Wanda Raper
Director Customs Compliance North America
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